(Third Grade +)

Communion Class is a special opportunity for students in Third Grade and older (and their parents) to learn about the meaning and practice of this sacrament. Participation in this class is not a pre-requisite to receive communion. Our communion table is open to all who wish to know Jesus because we believe that Jesus invited all people to share at a common table. Anyone of any age is welcome to receive communion. For children, this decision usually involves a conversation with parents.

The Communion Class explores the meaning of sacraments as a gift from God, the parallels between communion and the Passover meal, the Bible story of the Last Supper, and the promise that Jesus is with us when we share this simple meal. We also learn how the Deacons prepare communion each week and bake bread that will be served to the congregation. Lastly, we climb the steeple together and sign our names on the walls that surround our historic clock mechanism.