Dear Friends,
Most of us aspire to be our best selves most of the time. We want to bring our most generous and compassionate selves to our family, friends, work, and community. We especially want to bring our best to God. But most of us also know that there are times when we don’t fulfill our aspirations for ourselves. We fall short. We say or do things that are less than our best and sometimes we even hurt the people we love most. The Good News is that the Bible is full of people just like us and stories about how God’s grace called them to do great things. We’ll reflect on two of those stories on Sunday morning in a sermon that I’m calling, “Blunders for the Kingdom of God.”
Grace and peace,
P.S. The original title of this sermon included words that I couldn’t put into print, but you can use your imagination. See you on Sunday, August 13 at 9:30 am.