Unique opportunity this Sunday to hear from a member of the Bliss family.

We’re looking forward to a visit this Sunday from Anne Bliss Mascolino.  Many at Central knew her father, Edward Bliss, Jr., and many of us have heard of her grandfather, Edward L. Bliss, M.D., who was a missionary in China from 1892 – 1932 and was among the founding members of Central Congregational Church.   Anne emailed us this week to say that she will be in town this weekend and plans on coming to worship this Sunday.  She was recently in China where she met with people who remember her grandfather’s service in their village and looks forward to sharing news from her trip.

Beyond the Stone Arches: An American Missionary Doctor in China, 1892-1932 By Edward Bliss, Jr.
Written by distinguished journalist,  Edward Bliss, Jr. about his father’s  experience as a missionary doctor in China from 1892-1932.


A Vigil for Las Vegas

Wednesday October 4,   6:00pm     Market Square, Newburyport

The Mayor’s office and Newburyport area clergy have organized a community vigil for Wednesday October 4 on Market Square at 6:00pm. Feel free to invite friends and neighbors.

This post from the website of the Massachusetts Conference of the UCC contains resources including a commentary, prayer and links to resources for families with children:   Resources for responding to the Las Vegas shooting