Adult Christian Education Opportunities for Lent 2019

Lent is a time to grow in our faith. Here are two opportunities for adult faith formation activities at Central during this Lenten Season. Please join us.

Midweek Bible Study Returns

Tuesdays at 10:00am – Grimes Room
Starts March 19th – Ongoing (skipping April 14)

Painting the Stars is a video-based series on the relationship between science and religion from the Living the Questions series. Its creators write that the series “explores the promise of evolutionary Christian spirituality” with excerpts and interviews from more than a dozen theologians and church leaders.

Two Wednesday Evenings at 6pm –
March 20 and April 3 – Social Hall

In September, we gathered on Rally Day around the theme, Come to the Living Water. In our Lenten study, we return to that theme which has deep resonance in our faith tradition and our daily lives.

Water is the foundation of life. Without water we cannot survive. We use it every day for cooking and cleaning.  Yet many sources of water are threatened by pollution and many people lack access to clean drinking water.

Water is also central to our sacred stories and rituals. From the story of creation in which God’s spirit brooded over the water to Exodus story of liberation through the waters of the Red Sea to the baptism of Jesus in the Jordan, the Bible celebrates our relationship with water. What does our faith teach us about the stewardship of water?

We will focus on these questions in two sessions. In the first session, we will discuss a resource about water created from The Thoughtful Christian series. In the second session we will view and discuss a movie created by the United Church of Christ, titled, “Troubled Waters.”